Select Publications

Policy Briefs, Analyses, Working Papers and Journal Articles

India’s development cooperation in Africa: The case of ‘Solar Mamas’ who bring light, WIDER Working Paper 2023/45, United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER), March 2023.

Global China in Africa: Documenting Indian Perspectives from Ghana, Global China Hub, Atlantic Council, December 2022.

India-Africa Health Partnership for the Pandemic Era, India in Transition, Center for the Advanced Study of India, University of Pennsylvania, January 2021. 

China is Manufacturing Vaccines in Africa. The Quad should too, The Diplomat, October 2021.

To Craft a COVID-19 Narrative, China needs Africa, Institute of Chinese Studies Analysis, N. 109, July 2020. 

China’s Health Diplomacy in Africa during COVID-19: Discerning Prospects and Problems, Institute of Chinese Studies, June 2020. 

The Curious case of the BRI shapeshifting in Africa, Institute of Chinese Studies Analysis, N. 77, April 2019. 

Indian Health Diplomacy in East Africa: Exploring the Potential in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, South African Journal of International Affairs, 2019, 26:1, 113-135.

Fueled by FOCAC: China’s Development Cooperation in Africa, Institute of Chinese Studies Analysis, N. 62, September 2018. 

China in Africa: An Image Makeover in Underway, Institute of Chinese Studies Blog, May 2018.

The Changing Landscape of India-Africa Relations, India in Transition, Center for the Advanced Study of India, University of Pennsylvania, February 2018. 

Exploring Trade and Investment Patterns of ASEAN in Africa: Are they limited by the bigger Asian Powers?, Institute of Chinese Studies Occasional Paper, N. 13, November 2016.

Chapters in Books and Monographs

An Examination of Chinese BRI projects in Africa‘ in David Arase and Pedro Miguel (eds.) (2022). The Belt and Road Initiative in Asia, Africa, and Europe. (Routledge: London).

Reimagining Engagement and Realigning Priorities: Contrasting Indian and Chinese Approaches to Africa‘ in Patrick Ziltener and Chrisitian Suter (eds.) (2022). African-Asian Relations: Past, Present, Future (World Society Studies/Swiss African Studies: Zürich). pp.109 – 126.

Editor, The Handbook of Zimbabwe-China Economic Relations, Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association, September 2021.

China-Zambia Economic Relations: Perspectives from the Agricultural Sector, Institute of Chinese Studies Monograph, N. 6, March 2021. 

China’s Infrastructure Development in Africa: An Examination of Projects in Tanzania and Kenya, Institute of Chinese Studies Monograph, N. 5, November 2019. 

Op-eds and Newspaper articles

Africa’s relationship with India: a diplomat’s view, The Conversation Africa, April 2022.

What could a non-China-centric US Africa policy look like?, African Arguments, February 2022.

Desi in Durban: Indian-origin artists are claiming a space in South Africa’s art scene, The Hindu, October 2021.

Quoted by James T. Areddy, Hidden Debt Plagues China’s Belt and Road Infrastructure Plan, Studies Find, The Wall Street Journal, September 2021.

A Chinese airport project in Zanzibar floundered. Here’s what the new G-7 infrastructure plan can learn, The Washington Post, August 2021. 

Crafting a Unique Partnership with Africa, Op-Ed, The Hindu, July 2021.

Book Review: Sultan Wasif Khan, Haunted by Chaos: China’s Grand Strategy for Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping, The Print, August 2018.