Veda has been invited to share her findings and speak in conferences hosted by Harvard University, University of Neuchâtel, Peking University, Addis Ababa University, Nehru Memorial Museum & Library and was part of the Indian delegation at the 17th Russia India China (RIC) Trilateral Academic Conference held in Beijing.

Her writings have appeared in The Washington Post, The Diplomat, The Hindu, the South African Journal of International Affairs, The Print, African Arguments, India in Transition and several ICS publications. Her paper titled Reimagining Engagement and Realigning Priorities: Contrasting Indian and Chinese Approaches to Africa won the 2019 World Society Foundation award for writing in Zurich.

She has conducted extensive fieldwork across geographies interviewing a range of government and non-government stakeholders and has built a network of individual and institutional partnerships in Asia, Africa and North America.

The dropdown pages lists a select few presentations and publications as well as a gallery with pictures from fieldwork and conferences.